The weather has been absolutely fantastic lately– perfect for ultimate. Today’s game was a great one. We play games to seven points, and in today’s game the scoring went something like this:

  • they started off the game by scoring two in a row. 0-2 them.
  • we stopped being lazy and scored four in a row. 4-2 us.
  • they took back the gauntlet and scored four in a row. 4-6 them.
  • we rallied against their game point and scored two in a row. 6-6.
  • So it was down to the last point, and everyone was tired because it was a tough game. After a few minutes of play, we had possession and I broke deep. I left my defender far behind me, and the throw came. It was a long bomb– probably a fifty-yard pass– but it was fading deep to the back corner of the end zone. I shifted into high gear and sprinted for all I was worth. The disc kept fading, and I knew I wouldn’t make it. I dove, but it was a foot out of reach. Dang.

    The game continued for perhaps another five minutes or so, with possession trading back and forth crazily. There were amazing defensive plays, a few lucky passes, and it was anyone’s contest. I love that kind of ultimate– everyone is playing to their maximum ability, everyone is absolutely exhausted, but everyone knows they only need the one break to win the game.

    Finally, I got the disc at about half-field and saw one of my teammates cutting across the end zone. I threw a forty-yard pass that curved exactly the way I wanted, and he met it near the sideline. Score, game over.