As evidence that Laralee is truly the greatest person ever, she went out today– after the second-worst snowstorm in the last decade– and shoveled our driveway.

Why is this amazing?

1) Our driveway is about sixty feet long.
2) It faces north, meaning it’s usually iced over and never melts from sunlight.
3) She had already shoveled it three days ago, after the worst snowstorm in the last decade.

But even more amazing:

4) She then shoveled the driveways of three of our neighbors, and the sidewalk along the entire street.

The neighbors were all out of town (presumably visiting family for the holidays) and Laralee thought how much it would suck to come home from a vacation and find your driveway buried under almost two feet of snow. So she spent almost four hours huffing and puffing in 25-degree weather, and when Bill and Greg and Tami all get back home, they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Now I probably owe her a backrub or something.