Am I the only person who finds it immensely amusing that the U.S. Government is now saying that if North Korea conducts a second nuclear weapons test, there will be “severe consequences”?

I’m sure Kim and his merry band are having a good laugh over that as they think back to that point a few months ago when the U.S. Government said there would be “severe consequences” to their test. It’s sort of like the policeman without a gun yelling, “Stop! Or I’ll stay ‘Stop’ again!”

The humor value of our government notwithstanding, I fail to see why we even care about North Korean nuclear weapons tests. The last one was the biggest fizzle since the Chinese invented firecrackers– most reports said it didn’t top more than a few kilotons, which could easily have been done with conventional explosives. Ooh– now that’s something to get excited about!