True anecdote:

In Tennessee, you can purchase a stamp from the Department of Revenue and affix the stamp to your bundle of weed or your vial of crack or whatever illegal drug you happen to be using today. Then, of course, you pay a tax to the state based on the street value of your illegal substance. This is the law, and if you’re caught with drugs but no stamps, you’ll be fined up to ten times the cost of the product.

Even more amazing, Tennessee has made $3.5M from the program. That means people are actually getting these stamps and paying their taxes like good little citizens. Wow.

From a legal standpoint, it seems like getting caught with unstamped drugs puts you in double jeopardy: you’re prosecuted for having the goodies, and you’re also fined for not having the stamps. Surely someone will be in court and argue that it’s unconstitutional, which would be an interesting way to get out of a drug charge.

From an economic standpoint, it’s just plain funny. Since having stamps doesn’t make you immune from criminal possession charges, the only reason you’d buy them is so if you get caught your fines are smaller.

Ahh, how I love our country.