I just booked a flight to Seattle, and of course as part of the whole ticketing process I’m encouraged to visit the TSA web site and learn more about the exciting ways my government is taking away my freedoms. Whee!

So, being in a feisty mood, I reaffirmed that I can, indeed, board an airplane without photo ID (which I fully intend to do). I then decided to take a look at the list of items allowed on the plane. At Denver International Airport, there’s a big glass display case near the check-in counter where you can see samples of things that are strictly prohibited. A few years ago there was– no kidding– a chainsaw in the case. That can only mean someone actually attempted to board a plane somewhere with a chainsaw. Sadly, it’s been removed, but the last time I was at the airport (a few months ago) there was a hand grenade. Ha ha! Those goofy TSA guys– always playing pranks by telling us we can’t bring a live grenade onto a plane.

Anyway, here’s a helpful list of items the TSA allows on flights:

I can imagine someone might want to bring an ice axe on a trip– heck, I brought some hiking poles on my last trip, and they have rather sharp points. I also brought an eight-inch buck knife. All of it was in my backpack, which was of course checked. But hey, now I know that I can not only bring my meat cleaver, but even my saber and trusty sword. Woo hoo!

I guess those people going to Renaissance Festivals in other states, or those other people who re-enact Civil War battles and such, are happy about this.