Boy, it’s been a while since I wrote anything here. Time flies, I guess. First there was a trip to Idaho, then my birthday, then a week of being sick (and taking care of the rest of the clan when they caught it).

Then, interestingly, I had a really hard time getting motivated to do anything. I think having nearly two weeks off put a dent in my interest in work. I found that I wasn’t excited about my job, or the things I was doing for clients. It was a struggle, because I had a lot of things to do (which is a good thing) and I knew I had to do them. But I didn’t want to work long hours; I didn’t have the drive to work during the evenings like I had been.

So my laptop didn’t sit in bed with me late at night; instead, I read sci-fi books or simply went to sleep. No more 1:00 am nights. No more late-night “research” into network security or the latest web and database doo-dahs. No more journal.

Now it’s been a couple of weeks, and I feel that I’m starting to get some of that ambition and drive back. I hope I can get back in the “groove” and do good work, enjoy it, and continue my success. It’s important, because I see the point (only a few weeks away) when I’m going to be hard-pressed for work. I need to move, to find new things, to keep my inertia.

We’ll see.