(Insert brief hiatus here.)

Well, things are interesting as always. A few weeks ago La asked if we should try to find a new house with a bigger yard. That got me thinking, and before we knew it we were caught up in the whirlwind. We started the Great House Hunt, with the singular goal of finding an acceptable yard, a decent house, and all without spending any money.

So far our luck has been poor. We found an unbelievable yard, but the house was cramped. We found a great house, but the yard was all hill. We drove into the mountains, we drove out to the plains. We found horse properties and empty lots and backyards no more than five feet deep. No, no, no.

We still have a few months, but I wonder if it’s even possible to find what we seek. It seems the builders in the last couple of decades just decided that people don’t want yards, and there you have it. We don’t have enough money to get a grand layout, so we have to hope we get lucky.

We’ll see.