I wonder sometimes just how far the feeling of entitlement will go in our misguided society. It seems these days that everyone thinks they’re entitled to something. Today I read a news blurb about a high school senior whose mother, Lydia Pratt, is up in arms because her daughter isn’t going to be allowed to join the graduation ceremony. Never mind the fact that this girl can’t pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test which is– not surprisingly– a requirement in order to actually graduate.

Pratt, parents and students voiced to the school board during Monday’s meeting their disagreement with the system’s policy of not letting seniors participate in commencement exercises if they have not passed all portions of the graduation test…

It would be interesting, I’m sure, to hear that argument. What precisely is the problem here? How is this unfair?

Luckily sanity prevailed:

School officials defended their policy, saying making exceptions would diminish the system’s high academic standards.

The worst part of this whole thing is that by behaving in this crybaby way, Lydia is teaching her daughter that failure is okay because you can always whine about it and hope someone has pity. Thankfully in this case the school board did not.