Let me see if I understand the Iraq war funding situation correctly.

Bush: I need a nice big check for… umm… a hundred billion dollars.
Congress: Ha, good one, George!

Bush: If you don’t give me a nice big check, it means you don’t support the troops.
Congress: Okay, we’ll give you the $100 bil, but you have to pull the troops out in a year.
Congress: By the way, we’ll also toss in $20 billion more in pork projects. Whee!

Bush: (insert tired arguments about “staying the course” and “supporting the troops”)
Congress: (insert tired arguments about how Iraq blows and we need to leave)

Bush: This thing about pulling the troops out kind of sucks. I’m going to veto the bill.
Congress: Ha, just try it. That clause stays in or you don’t get the money.

Bush: Veto, baby.
Congress: We were just kidding. Here’s your money. Is there anything else we can do for you, Mr. President?

Sigh. In January the Democrats took charge of Congress and said they were going to make some real changes. They sure talk tough, but I think they left their spines at the door. Once again we sit and watch as Bush gets a bucketload of money, very few restrictions on how to spend it, and all the latitude he wants to conduct his futile little war.