So I just got back from Denver, where I’d gone for the afternoon to (whee!) rebuild a couple of servers at BitRelay, my web hosting company. When I returned from the facility to my car, I saw a nickel on the pavement beside the door. Cool– even better than finding a penny.

But then I got into the car (thinking it was strange that the door wasn’t locked) and noticed that all of the change had been stolen! I have a little cup holder in my console where I keep about $30 worth of change– mostly for parking meters in Boulder and thereabouts. All of it, except a lone dime, was gone.

Looking around a bit, I noticed that both doors were unlocked, which never happens because I always keep the passenger one locked. I suspect what happened was a punk kid (or two?) used a hangar or long stick and reached through the one-inch gap where I’d opened the windows to keep the car cooler, and managed to pop the lock mechanism.


On the other hand, I can look at the positive side: they didn’t steal my wallet or credit cards, they didn’t jack the stereo or speakers, and nothing else was damaged. They snagged a handful of quarters and probably ran over to Arby’s for a nice juicy roast beef or something.

It’s too bad people are like that. Karma will catch them someday. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to dig up another handful of quarters so I don’t get caught at a parking meter.