One of the exciting things about building web sites is that in many cases, I’ll be programming functionality for a customer without the data necessary to support it. For example, today I’m working on a site where the customer would like to embed a video clip inside the content of the page. I don’t have the clip they want to use, but obviously I need to make sure all of my programming works so when they use the real clip everything is smurfy.

That means I have to find a clip somewhere and test against it. I couldn’t resist using the classic song “You Are a Pirate”, which is apparently taken from some crazy kids’ show, and features a guy with an obviously fake beard and eyepatch, a pink-haired girl who does some wacky dance moves, and a cast of ugly puppets who struggle to keep the beat.

In any case, the programming worked, and right smack in the middle of the customer’s web site is a guy singing about how great it is to be a pirate. Sweet!