So the kids came home from school with some Christmas gifts this week. According to the story (verified by Laralee, who knows all of the “in people” over there), a mysterious benefactor actually bought presents for every kid in the school. And these aren’t just cheesy plastic cups with a snowman on them or something– Zack got an Etch-a-Sketch, Kyra ended up with a nice silver charm bracelet, etc.

There are around 450 students enrolled at Loma Linda Elementary, and about 65% of them are on the “free lunch” program because their household income is pretty much at the poverty level. These are kids who probably don’t have much of a Christmas, and even if they do, Dad probably has to leave to work one of his three jobs to scrape by. So for someone to buy gifts for all 450 of the kids is a really, really cool thing.