So I love my Xbox Media Center, and when my friend Dave decided to get rid of his (we had built it a few months ago) I called Tom to see if he wanted it. Sure thing, so I bought it from Dave and hooked it up so I could upgrade it to the latest version of all the software.

But something went horribly wrong, and now the Xbox is pretty much toast. After messing with it for a while I realized it really wasn’t going to work (I’d deleted the wrong file or something). Chancellor sent me the hardware hacking goods which I’d used last time, but even they don’t help because it turns out that I erased the default Xbox “dashboard” used to boot the system and copy the hack.

Long story short: I’m dead in the water. The Xbox can play games but it can’t be hacked to become a media center any more.

Not surprisingly, it turns out that I’m not the only bonehead who’s done this before, so there are a few places in the dark corners of the internet where I can get even more esoteric hacks that will essentially rebuild the Xbox from scratch. They’re pretty crazy and involve a lot of very detailed steps, making sure the planets are aligned properly and I’m saying the magic incantations.

Hopefully it’ll work, because if not then I’ve got a nice piece of hardware that doesn’t really do much…