Tonight we had another double-header ultimate game in the Boulder league. For the first time all season the weather was nice for both games (no wind, no rain, no lightning) so it was a fabulous chance to enjoy a gorgeous summer evening at the foot of the mountains.

(Yes, I’m still playing barefoot after eighteen years.)

(That’s me on the left with the frisbee, and Laralee coming in from the right. I’m not sure if I made that throw– her defender is pretty close.)

We played two hard games, including a hilarious “upside-down point” at the end of one, and were exhausted afterward. After coming home I realized how thirsty I was and managed to down a half-gallon of orange juice in a sitting. Oof.

But hey, I can’t argue with a beautiful evening, the mountains, a group of friends, and a sport I love. Bring it.