Man, it’s all sorts of awesome when I open a bill in the mail and a whole bucketload of ads drop out of the envelope.

As an example, I just opened my mortgage statement. Never mind that my mortgage doesn’t exactly thrill me… I also have to deal with:

  • An application to apply for a line of credit
  • A privacy policy statement telling me they might change my privacy policy someday without telling me
  • Something called “HomeConnect” that is apparently useful if I realize I should sell my house
  • A guide to my escrow account, in case I have no clue what I’ve been paying for all these years
  • An application for a student loan
  • A pre-addressed envelope in case I suddenly decide to stop paying online or something
  • Holy cow. Just send me the frickin’ mortgage statement and leave it at that!

    I find that Comcast is pretty bad too… with my monthly statement I usually get about two ads for more Comcast services, as well as life insurance applications and the occasional coupon for some store I’ve never heard of before.

    Whee, advertising!