Of course I’m a Linux bigot, and I shake my head at those poor souls who still use Windows on their computers (and, to a degree, OS X). I mean, why pay so much money for so much mediocre software when there are all of the other possibilities in the open-source world?

Take AmaroK, for example, which is arguably the best media player on the market today.

It’s got every feature you’d ever want in a digital music player, and many others you’d never even think of. Playlists, album covers, lyrics, MusicBrainz, last.fm, filters, visualizations, iPods, and on and on. All for the bargain price of… well, nothing.

Every now and then I think about how effortlessly I navigate through all of my applications– not only to do my job, but also to just be a part of our internet society. And how Linux and KDE and a hundred other applications make it possible in such a fabulous way.

Those poor souls.