This year when Kyra’s school announced their fund-raising program, Kyra decided she was going to win the grand prize: a new Nintendo Wii. All of the kids who sell a certain amount of stuff ($100 or more, I believe) get a ticket to place in the Wii raffle, and then after the program is over a lucky winner is chosen.

Fired up about the Wii, Kyra (with some help from mom) went out and sold a ton of stuff. When the dust cleared, she’d sold a little over $500 worth of restaurant cards, cookie dough, and various other trinkets! She was the highest-selling kid in school, followed closely by her best friend Hannah ($450 or so). Pretty amazing.

So they held the drawing this week, and… Kyra won! She brought the Wii home yesterday and we had a lot of fun making our little Mii avatars and then playing their goofy sports games.

As George McFly once said, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”