I have my mail-in ballot for the upcoming election, and I spent a couple of hours going through all of the candidates and amendments and referendums the other night. I left the presidential box empty, because I wanted to vote for Ron Paul, but strangely there wasn’t a write-in box. There was one for senator, which seemed strange.

I contacted the Boulder Election Authority to ask how to cast a write-in presidential vote, and received this reply today:

There is no space for a write-in candidate for the Presidential race due to the fact there are no certified write-in presidential candidates in Colorado.  However, there are three certified write-in U.S. Senate candidates, that is why this option appears on your ballot.

For some reason, I thought one could vote for anyone for President (realizing that the odds of that person winning are pretty small). Bummer.

So I guess I can’t vote for the candidate (well, ex-candidate technically) with whom I most closely agree. It looks like Bob Barr– the Libertarian candidate– is going to get the coveted Jeff Vote this time around. Although I considered Chuck Baldwin– of the Constitution Party– there are just too many things about him that don’t jive with me.

Go Bob!