I just read an article about how the current (crummy) market is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and people willing to take a little risk while everyone else hunkers down.

This paragraph– discussing how to build a great product from a great idea– caught my eye:

If you can’t find something that delights folks, well, then you suck. Give up. No really, you suck… give up.*

* Note: That’s just a test to see if you’re a real entrepreneur. When you read that, did you think of giving up? If you did, than you really suck and shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. If you read that and said “What does this guy know anyway?” then you’re a gangster entrepreneur and should keep up the good work.

There have been times in the past eight years when I’ve been tempted to give up and go work for The Man somewhere, because quite honestly it’s easier to have someone tell you what to do than to come up with all the to-do’s myself. And it’s easier to be the quiet programmer slamming out code in the back room than the Front Guy writing the proposals and pitching to the customers and managing the projects and making sure everything continues to run as smoothly as it can.

But then I stop and think. And I realize that no, in fact I’d rather be the entrepreneur. Now I just need to find that great idea and take a little risk…