Kyra has suddenly jumped on the e-mail bandwagon and is writing messages to relatives and a few friends. She sent me this last night:

Dear Dad,

I love you so much! It’s fun playing Mario Kart with you. Thank you for
being a good dad. I know it’s a little early for this, but here is a
Christmas list for me:

1. earrings
2. Americangirl clothes and/or shoes (look on Americangirl.com)
3. dolls
4. barbies
5. littlest pet shop set(s)
6. shoes (I’m size 3)
7. i pod
8. stuffed animals
9. books
10. clothes (I’m size 10/12)

I love you so much!

Your Only Daughter!

What a sweet girl. At least she knows how to butter me up before sending me her gift list.