Many years ago, back in college, the Residential Life Department splurged and bought lunches for the RA’s who were going through training (we had to be at school a couple weeks before classes actually started). I used some of my lunch money to buy so-called “recycle mugs” because (1) they held a lot of soda, (2) they were non-styrofoam environmentally friendly, and (3) they had cheap refills.

Anyway, through my three years as an RA I amassed about a dozen of these mugs. They were great, and I kept using them because (1) they held a lot of orange juice, and (2) they were sort of thermally insulated. The dishwasher took its toll and scratched off all the cool logos and stuff, but you can see here today’s orange juice sitting on my desk as I work.

Recycle mugs rule.