My friend Derek was once in a college band called Love Cows. There’s a funny story behind the name, but suffice to say I’ve heard their CD and it’s not half bad. They did covers of a few songs, and (if memory serves) even wrote a couple themselves.

In any case, one Halloween a couple of years ago I decided to dress up as a “punk” rocker. I colored my hair red, put on some piercings, got a few tattoos, tore up a pair of jeans a bit, and… needed a great concert shirt. Naturally the Love Cows came to mind, so I actually made myself a Love Cows shirt and wore it that Halloween.

Today, digging through stacks of shirts in my closet, I laughed when I found the old shirt. What better to wear on a lazy Saturday?

I’m, like, their biggest fan… I wonder when they’ll have their Reunion Tour?