Remember that scene in Return of the Jedi where Han Solo gets thawed out of the carbonite after being locked up in there for a couple of years, and he falls to the ground and as he slowly sits up he says with a groan, “I feel terrible”?

Well, that’s pretty much been the past four days for me. I laid in bed all day Friday, only moving to lurch to the bathroom now and again. Saturday was another day in bed– man, I got sick of that bed. Sunday I was feeling a little better so I moved to the family room couch for a change of scenery. And now it’s Monday, and I thought I’d be better and the week would start all happy, and instead I’m doing my best to get some work done in between a few naps because I feel so lousy.

And I’m eating a bowl of chicken soup, longing for a big slice of greasy pepperoni pizza. Sigh.

Maybe tomorrow.