Laralee and I always have fun teaching the second-grade science classes on Fridays. We make up topics that are “science-y” and come up with experiments and demonstrations that teach the principles while also providing a bit of fun for the kids.

Of course it’s great to see the kids light up and ooh and ahh over the things we do. They get so excited about baking-soda volcanoes and slimy liquids and 3D solar system simulations.

Fun aside, it’s also very rewarding to get feedback from the kids’ parents. Yesterday Laralee received an e-mail from one of them:

Blake has been talking non-stop for the last hour about challenge science today– satellite images and all the different web sites… all the lights just turn on in him and he gets so involved.  He remembers all kinds of detail and is so animated about it.  It is really great for him… thank you again for the great gift you give with challenge science.

Notes like that make it all worthwhile.