Today I ran the second annual Memorial Day Mixer for the Boulder ultimate league. Last year we had cold, drizzly rain all day; this year it threatened (and in fact we had about half an hour of rain) but overall the weather was great. Clouds rolled in over the foothills and the sky was grey all day, but that kept it cooler and there wasn’t much wind.

Earlier this morning Laralee and Alex ran the 10-km Bolder Boulder in a respectable time of 1:12. I played ultimate for four hours, and assuming I was only actually running roughly 60% of the time, that’s about two and a half hours of running– possibly the equivalent of 25 km. (In past years I always ran the Bolder Boulder in less than an hour.) Whew!

A good time for all, and a chance to see old friends from the Boulder ultimate crowd who I don’t usually see until summer league starts. And that’s in a couple of weeks, so I’m looking forward to it.

I suspect I’ll sleep pretty well tonight…