We went up to Winter Park yesterday and had a blast. We’d done this a few years ago and decided it was such fun we should make it more of a tradition.

We played two rounds of 18-hole mini golf (I won the first match; Laralee took the second):

Some wall climbing…

Trampoline bungee jumping, complete with flips:

But the clear winner in popularity with the kids was the alpine slide. I think we rode it seven or eight times. Photos fail to capture the fun: they look like we’re kind of sitting in a little trough, when in fact we’re cruising along at a pretty good clip.

Zack took the first few runs pretty slowly (notice Laralee backed up behind him) but got the hang of it and insisted on using the “fast lane”.

Since there are two parallel tracks, I attempted to take some pictures as I raced beside Laralee. Despite no signage about it, apparently cameras are verboten on the track, and Alex (who was immediately behind me in line) said as soon as I left the starting point the woman manning the ride called the guy waiting at the base and reported “There’s a guy in a white shirt and cap with a camera!”. When I hit the bottom I was told not to do it again. Whatever.

Here’s a great action shot as I jam the control stick forward for maximum speed. Mr. Sulu, engage Warp 1!

And a self-portrait (notice La in the background; I had just passed her):

I caught up to Kyra, who had left ahead of me, but due to camera difficulties and the fact that I was screaming around a curve, I didn’t get her on camera and instead ended up with a few pictures like this:

To finish the day, we made a visit here:

La wiped out on the final run, and when you skid down that smooth concrete you leave a lot of skin behind. She managed to scrape patches of skin off both legs, her elbow, and a couple of knuckles. Apparently it was a pretty impressive crash, and it’s fortunate the kid behind her was far enough back that he didn’t cream her with his sled.

Despite the injury and a bit of sunburn, we can chalk it up as a fun day all around.