Chancellor invited me to a Windows 7 House Party! Yay!

Apparently this is Microsoft’s latest marketing plan: give people free copies of Windows 7 and have them invite over a bunch of friends to… well, I guess to stand around the laptop pointing at the screen and shouting.

Windows 7 must truly be amazing, judging from the expressions on the enraptured faces of these people. Equally amazing is the cultural mix here. Which of the following people are really most likely to host a Windows 7 Launch Party?

A) An Asian woman.
B) A Hispanic guy.
C) A black woman.
D) Three pasty white guys, one of whom is wearing Geek Squad glasses and a checked shirt.

For some reason I was invited to two Launch Parties– both hosted by Chancellor– but this one is a little earlier in the evening.

I especially like how grandma is getting electrocuted by the keyboard or something. And let’s not forget about the heavy guy off on the side, wishing someone would invite him to something besides a freakin’ Windows 7 Launch Party.

To his credit, Chancellor came clean with a follow-up email:

Yep, I sold you out. By inviting to you a Windows launch party, I get a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate….. heh heh heh….