Yesterday the weather was a bit nippy at cloudy and 40 degrees, but we played ultimate anyway. The ground was rock-hard– literally frozen– and still had patches of snow which made for interesting hazards. Making sharp cuts was almost impossible; most of us ended up doing careful buttonhooks to get open for a pass.

Late in the game I was guarding my friend Cory when he wound up for a deep backhand pass. He swung his arm with all his might… and clobbered me in the face. The back of his hand got my nose and right eye pretty much like he was boxing me and trying to turn out the lights.

The blood started gushing (all over my white shirt, no less) and I had to step off. It had stopped by the time I got back to the office, but I was quite a sight. I told Brian and Rob there had been a brawl on the field and punches were thrown, and for a second they believed it because I sure looked like I’d been in a fight.

Luckily everything cleaned up okay and despite blowing a few blood clots out of my nose for the rest of the day, no permanent damage was done.

Sadly it doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to play tomorrow– we’ve got about eight inches of snow on the ground from last night and today, and tomorrow’s high is going to be in the teens. But at least it’ll be a white Christmas!