As the number of Christmas cards I send goes up each year, it becomes more and more of a chore to get them printed and stuffed. This year I did some poking around the web and found a place that will print holiday cards for a reasonable price, and (more to the point) allow you to upload your own custom images for the front and back.

Satisfied this would do what I needed, I set out to create our cards. For the past few years we’ve decided that most people probably don’t want to read a full page or two of the Schroeder Clan’s exploits, so we’ve just sent pictures. So I put together a nice collage for the back, and we all sat down one morning before school to take a family portrait for the front.

It turned out pretty nice.

Of course during our “photo shoot” the last picture was a goofy pose, and just for kicks I replaced the nice picture with the goofy one. It was six flavors of awesome.

I was getting ready to send the goods to the print company when I figured I should show Laralee to get her wifely stamp of approval. She insisted that we use the goofy one instead of the nice one. “Everyone uses nice pictures,” went her logic. And since we’re, well, us… we shouldn’t be like everyone else.

Thus we sent the goofy picture, and it immediately received widespread acclaim. I can’t even count the number of people who have written or told us that they love the cards and it was the most fun Christmas card they’d seen in a while.

I suppose this will need to become a tradition. You know how most families have nice holiday traditions like “We sit around the fire and tell everyone how much we love them”? Well, I guess ours will be “We come up with the zaniest picture we can for our Christmas card”.

But hey, that’s us.