I just finished constructing the Wiimote glove that supplements the nifty pen to allow a sort of touchscreen interface for a big-screen computer. It’s basically a gardening glove with an infrared LED sewn into the index fingertip, a battery pack on the wrist, and a touch switch at the base of the middle finger. It looks vaguely high-tech with the wires and resistors, sort of like a poor man’s bionic hand.

By pointing to the screen and clicking the switch with my thumb, I can simulate mouse clicks and drags (the pen works the same way). It’s pretty fun, but honestly the pen is more accurate and a little easier to handle. I’d like to use both on something larger than my 50″ TV, though– I need a chance to use a projector and put up an eight-foot screen or something, and then “draw” on the wall with my pen or glove.