Alex and I are considering joining a local Tae Kwon Do class, so we went to the dojo tonight to see what it was like. It turns out we were told the wrong time, so when we arrived it was time for a kickboxing class. We shrugged and decided to participate anyway.

We worked on a few punches and kicks, then did some core strength exercises, then reviewed some self-defense moves, and then did more core strength stuff. And after that, some core strength stuff. All I can say is I apparently don’t have a lot of core strength. I’m flexible– I had no problem doing all the bends and stretches– but when it came to the bicycle moves and leg lifts, I was straining.

After an hour (we thought the class was only half an hour) we were pretty tired, but both decided it was a good time. We’re going to see if we can actually show up for tae kwon do in the next few days, and figure out if we want to get in the program.