So a few months ago Bill Gates and Warren Buffett challenged the billionaires of the world to give away at least half of their wealth, with the intent of changing the world. One could argue that both of these men have already made a huge impact with their generous contributions to many causes, so it was really cool to see them call others to action.

They created the Giving Pledge list, which now includes about thirty people with over a billion dollars in net worth– all of whom have pledged to donate the majority of that money to worthy causes. (The causes are selected by the donors.) We’re talking about a serious amount of money here, all for good.

Without getting too political in a feel-good post here, I can’t help but wonder what other world-changing things could happen if, say, the United States government stopped spending billions of dollars every month in Afghanistan. They should take a hint from these generous people and consider how to make a difference that doesn’t involve bullets and smart bombs.