“Even when you’re not working, you’re working!”

This was Laralee’s (frighteningly accurate) assessment of my effort yesterday to revamp the CyberSchroeder web site. I spent a couple of hours redesigning everything and rebuilding all the pages. In my opinion it needed it– the old design dated back almost two years, which is bloody forever in the web world. The new look is much cleaner and “twenty-first century” or something.

But she’s right: even if it’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting in bed clacking away on the laptop, I’m doing web stuff. I suppose since it wasn’t for a client, and didn’t have a deadline, and didn’t involve payment, it counted as “personal time”. It is a bit scary, though, to realize that even my personal time is occasionally spent developing web applications.

And in two more years I’ll have to do it again…