Yesterday I took time off work (part of my “gradual retirement” plan) and spent some quality time with Kyra. We had lunch, ran some errands, and then decided to tie-dye some shirts.

It started out in the garage, soaking white t-shirts in water and soda ash (?) and then pouring dye on them.

After we finished, we bagged the dyed clothes and let them sit for about 16 hours. This afternoon we pulled out the bags to see what our creations turned out to be.

It was sort of like opening a Christmas gift– we had no idea whether the shirts would look like a mess of color or wicked cool. As it turned out, some were cool:

But some were kind of… uhh…

And the socks? Let’s not talk about the socks, except to say that tie-dyed socks aren’t nearly as cool as they might seem.

So now all of the goods are sitting on the trampoline drying in the sun. Then we have to wash them and hope the colors don’t bleed or fade too badly, and finally have some fun new shirts to wear.