From an article by Eric Hammer-Lahav:

When it comes to staying connected to the people I care about, they either live with me, I talk to them on the phone weekly, or have an annual dinner when I visit Israel or New York. This is enough for me. There is a reason why I am not in touch with people from high school, the army, or film school. We all moved on, became different people, changed context, and lost the common thread that united us at the time. My personal Facebook experience of finding long-lost friends is mostly a short awkward exchange followed by a one sided stream of useless information.

Man, that’s dead right. I login to Facebook about once a month, only to find a long list of weird one-sentence posts that don’t make much sense. I suppose they’d be more sensible if I was tuned in daily to the musings and random mutterings of these long-lost friends, but honestly it’s not that interesting to me.