The other day I was shopping on Amazon and needed to spend a few extra bucks to get free shipping. (What a clever marketing ploy, Amazon guys!) So I poked around the board games area and found one called Dominion.

I vaguely remember hearing about this game long ago– perhaps from a friend, perhaps on an online discussion forum, whatever. The reviews on Amazon were all very positive, so I figured I’d take a chance.

Plus I had a gift card.

So I bought the game and it arrived a few days ago. This evening we cracked it open and gave it a shot. None of us had any clue what it was even about, except that the box included about a gazillion cards.

After reading the rules we dove into it, and perhaps an hour later we wrapped up our first game. The game was sort of confusing at first because we had no idea what the strategy was or what to expect. But in the end each of us settled on some kind of strategy, for better or worse.

As it turned out, Zack completely demolished the rest of us. I still can’t quite figure out what he did, but about halfway through the game it was clear he was leaving the rest of us in the dust. Sure enough, when we counted up the points he was way ahead. Good for him.

The cool thing is there are a lot of variations to play– we picked the simplest one (which was recommended in the rules for “first time players”) but we all enjoyed it and it’s clear we’ll be playing a lot more in the future.