Although I like Dell’s servers, I’m astonished at their marketing email process. They really enjoy sending automated surveys to their customers, and on more than one occasion I’ve opted out and specifically said I don’t want to receive their surveys.

So imagine my excitement when I received yet another survey message from them today. In part, the message says:

You have requested to not receive Dell marketing emails, which will make you ineligible to be included in our upcoming survey.
To participate in our next Dell Customer Experience Survey, please confirm your email address by visiting www.dell.com/business/YourOpinionMatters.


So I’ve asked not to receive any marketing emails, and they send me a marketing email to tell me about an upcoming marketing email.

I wrote a pretty blunt letter back to the woman who sent me this message (in reality I’m sure it was an email ‘bot that sends this sort of thing). We’ll see if an actual human responds, or if I can look forward to more junk like this.