The new office is finally complete.

Yesterday the glass was frosted, and that finishes the series of contractors I’d hired to do various things. Now all of the office walls have a four-foot-high frosted strip, with regular glass the rest of the way up.

There’s been some joking about no-pants days, since you will no longer be able to see beneath everyone’s desks.

The break room has the fridge and some nice tile. We moved the foosball table in there because we needed room for the ping-pong table, and also because the acoustics are much better. When you slam a ball into the goal it echoes very nicely and sounds appropriately awesome.

And the conference table– all twelve feet of it– is pretty sweet. It doubles as a “duck and cover” fallout shelter in case of nuclear attack, because it’s the single heaviest thing in the office.

All in all, I’m really happy with the way things turned out. It was a tedious (and expensive) process but it’s a great work environment.