Many years ago, Thom picked up a couple of cheap cooler mugs at his local Big Lots. They were sweet mugs with hollow sides filled with water. You keep them in the freezer, where the water (obviously) turns to ice, and then when you pour a nice cool beverage into the mug, you can keep it cool without the need for ice cubes to water it down.

I’ve always envied him those mugs.

So finally I took action, and discovered that on Amazon there’s quite an assortment of cooler mugs: everything from the simple ones like Thom has to far more expensive ones whose technology is apparently far more advanced. I ended up going for one in the middle of that road– it has some kind of weird magic crystals in the sides, rather than water. I suppose they have a lower freezing point or something.

Now I have this awesome mug, and my orange juice (two quarts a day– just what a healthy boy needs) stays nice and cold. In fact, this thing is so cold that the juice usually turns to slush at the bottom before I can drink all of it. So I get the benefit of a nice cold drink followed by orange slushee. Can life get any better than this?