Another Christmas at Casa del Schroeder…

Alex is excited to open an Intel I5 processor. Wow!

But wait, it’s not really a chip. It’s a harmonica! Yep, all of us got harmonicas this Christmas.

Zack’s excited to get a “real” pocketknife. In this case it’s a Swiss one, with all the trimmings including a scissors and one of those detachable toothpicks that you always lose within the first week.

Kyra is thrilled with a new digital camera from grandma and grandpa. Just what she wanted.

Laralee tests her new hair brush. Wow, silky smooth.

Alex uses the hair brush as well, but he pretty much looks like a dork with a bad haircut.

After the presents have all been opened, Kyra and I try out our new harmonicas. The only song included with the instruments was “When the Saints Go Marching in”. We sounded like a couple of drunk monkeys with respiration problems. Obviously we’ll need practice if we’re going to get to Carnegie Hall.

While Laralee tested hers, I realized that I needed to label mine because no one wants to share a harmonica. They get full of spit.

All in all, it was a fun day and a great end to the year. Merry Christmas.