Many years ago, I bought a bunch of inexpensive Acer nettop machines. They were a screaming deal, small, quiet, and did a good job for my daily work. They came with cheap white “chiclet” keyboards that I really liked. Picture Apple’s mini Bluetooth keyboards, except crappier. Regardless, I liked the feel of them and used them for years. One at home, one at the office, and life was good.

Recently, I upgraded the nettop to a “real” desktop machine that has considerably more power, and it’s noticeably faster and smoother. I decided to see if there was a nice keyboard I could add as well, so I went to Best Buy and clacked away on all of their shelf models. Once I found one I liked, I bought it online (because you should never, ever buy anything from Best Buy– it’s always more expensive!).

It’s the Logitech K750 solar-powered wireless keyboard, and it’s super sweet.

The keys are really quick and easy, and I think that my typing speed has probably increased 10% as a result. I’m already a screamin’ fast typist, but I didn’t realize how much those cheap chiclet keyboards were slowing me down. Now I’m that much more productive, whee!