Today I took my lovely wife on a date. We went down to Denver, and when it was time for lunch I suggested we stop at Maggiano’s. We’d never been there before, and in fact I hadn’t even heard of it. But it looked kind of cool, and it sounded Italian.

It turned out to be really nice. We had a wonderful lunch, and in the end I’d say Maggiano’s has two big things going for it:

1) If you order a pasta dish (I ordered lasagna, of course), you get a second helping of that dish to take home. They actually cook it separately and bring it to you in a box at the end of the meal. It’s like two for one!

2) The disposable hand towels in the bathroom are, without a doubt, the nicest hand towels I’ve ever used in my life. They have the Maggiano’s logo on them, and they’re made out of paper but in a way that almost feels like cloth. I literally felt bad throwing mine away after I was finished, because it was so nice.

So that’s my review. Double pasta and sweet hand towels. If you’re ever in the DTC area, stop in and enjoy a nice lunch there.