Zack has some gift cards for Barnes and Noble that he received for Christmas from Aunt Kari. He wanted to use them, so tonight he and I sat down at the computer to buy some books. We went to the B&N web site and he selected three books. During the checkout process he was filling out the address information and so forth, and came across the “first name” field. He paused for a moment and asked me if he could put “Popo” in that field. I said sure. So he did.


Then there was the “last name” field, and it was obvious that even though he’d already planned to use Popo as his first name, he hadn’t thought about a last name. After a moment, he added:


So in about a week we should be receiving a package addressed to Popo Twinkie.

Laralee says she just doesn’t understand Zack. I, on the other hand, think he’s hilarious.