Last week Kyra was performing in a concert at Skyline High School, and the band director announced that a group called Face would be performing tonight as a fundraiser for the music department. All ticket proceeds would be donated to the school. Face is an acapella group of six men; it sounded interesting so Laralee and I bought tickets. Kyra brought three of her friends.

It was really pretty cool. They performed maybe fifteen songs, ranging from a Gregorian chant of “Let It Be” to songs by Aerosmith and Linkin Park. One of them, Mark, was amazing because he provided most of the percussion. He did a solo and if I’d had my eyes closed I would’ve sworn it was a full percussion ensemble on stage.

I saw my friend Paul there; he said he and his wife first saw Face six years ago and have been groupies ever since. They go to as many of the shows as they can. Since Face is a local group from Boulder, they play mostly in the Denver area.

Now I’m a fan, and I suspect we’ll be going to their next concert in or around Longmont.