Traditionally, we’ve only seen one or two movies in the theater every year. I guess this year is a bit of a bumper crop, because we have plans to see several.

A couple of weeks ago, Kyra, Laralee, and I saw The Host. We’d all read the book, which was very good (yes, even though it was by the author of Twilight).

The movie was pretty true to the book– always a good thing– and overall we thought it was good. I especially liked the mirror-silver Lotus that Seeker drove. Nice ride.

Today, Laralee and I went to see Oblivion. We didn’t know much about it, but I like science fiction and Laralee likes Tom Cruise, so we figured at least one of us would enjoy it.

It was quite good. It kept us guessing, and the special effects were amazing. Critics have said there’s not much original in the movie, and I have to admit it’s sort of what you’d get if you rolled together The Matrix, The Island, and Total Recall. But still thought-provoking.

Oh, and we’d like one of those ships.

Up-and-coming movies that we’d also like to see in the theater: Now You See Me, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and perhaps Despicable Me 2.