Space Empires

Back in the early aught’s, I played a 4X strategy game called Space Empires with a bunch of friends. It’s a turn-based galactic conquest game, and after each turn you can send a game file to the next player who opens it, plays his turn, and passes it along. The games take a long time to play– sometimes months– but they’re a nice distraction every few days.

Last night Alex and I were talking about computer games, and I thought it might be fun to fire up ol’ Space Empires and see if it still worked. Yep.


It’s a Windows game from 1999, but using Wine on Linux it’s possible to run it flawlessly. I poked around a bit, because I don’t remember much of it, but it came back pretty quickly. Now I need to see if any of those friends would be interested in a game for old times’ sake…