Random names

Udi’s is one of our clients, and as part of their buyout and business shift, they’re renaming the company. They’ve invited “vendors and friends” to help with the renaming effort, so I just received an email invitation to a web site where they’re asking for suggestions.

There’s a $1,000 party for the person who suggests the winning name. The rules say this:

“Enter early and often and YOU just might be the one who renames Udi’s.”

My diabolical brain thinks “Hmm, it’s just an HTML form. I could write a script that submits thousands of random names. That would overwhelm the rest of the competition, and greatly increase the likelihood that I’d win!”

I’m convinced that rock bands and startup companies just use random name generators that combine two dictionary words.

face + book
linked + in
green + day
smashing + pumpkins

Why not Udi’s?

Heh heh heh.