Morning person

One of my resolutions this year is to get up earlier. Laralee and the kids are all up and going by 7:00 every morning, and I would tend to sleep until 8:30 and then roll into the office by 9:00 or a little later. I’ve always enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in, but I felt a little guilty snoozing for more than an hour after everyone else was already at school.

So this year I’ve decided to be in bed by midnight and up at 7:00 at least four days a week (I get one day to sleep in). Last night I was engrossed in some research and ended up staying up until about 1:00am. Not surprisingly, this morning I decided to make it my sleep-in day. I finally rolled out of bed around 8:30. But I felt pretty groggy, and didn’t have the usual energy I’ve felt the past few weeks as I’ve been rising at 7:00.

Clearly I ended up with roughly the same amount of sleep, but the late start was kind of a drag. I hate to admit it to myself, but I may be slowly turning into a morning person. No, not one of those people who rises with the sun and dances about, talking about what a beautiful day it is and insisting that everyone else be up with the birds as well. But still, perhaps there’s something to getting an early start on the day and going to bed at a reasonable time and not 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.

We’ll see how this turns out…