Seattle trip – day 3

Today we headed up to Crystal Mountain, which is one of maybe a handful of ski resorts in Washington state. I joined Thom and Julian there about a year ago, when the two of them were first learning to ski. I’ve been skiing since I moved to Colorado eighteen years ago, but in the last year both Thom and Julian have probably gone out as many times as I did in eighteen years, and now both of them are far better skiiers than I am.

Here’s a picture of Julian as we got started. Or, perhaps, it’s some random kid– it’s kind of hard to tell.


Here are Katie and Thom at the top of a lift:


And Julian and Thom on the lift ride up the hill:


Julian shot off a few jumps and I managed to catch him in mid-air:


I also took some opportunities to capture a few shots of the trees and snow.




The wind was blowing pretty hard, and with temperatures in the 20’s it was really chilly. After lunch it started to snow, and by the end of the day it was really coming down. The icy hard-packed spots were gradually covered with powder, and as the wind died down late in the day it seemed a bit warmer. Strangely, the conditions at the end of the day were better than earlier, although we were all pretty tired and cold. We called it a day and chalked it up as another successful ski trip.