A week ago (on Memorial Day) I continued my annual tradition of running the Bolder Boulder, which is a 10-km road race in Boulder. I’ve done it six times now, and despite my complete lack of enthusiasm for jogging / running in general, I find it to be a lot of fun. I suspect the main reason is the carnival atmosphere of the town, and the fact that I’m huffing and puffing right along with about fifty thousand other people.

I had hoped to finish in under an hour just to prove that I’m still young enough and in shape to be able to jump on the road and run a little over six miles without any training whatsoever. In the end, my offical time was 58:50– not too shabby, and almost a full minute better than last year’s time of 59:40. Age hasn’t caught me yet.

Of course, the race organizers would love it if I’d purchase a photo package showing me in the race. For a mere thirty dollars (starting price; they go all the way up to sixty) I can have an 8×10″ print of myself near exhaustion at the end of the run. Hmm, no thanks, although I couldn’t resist grabbing the preview shots.

The picture shows me in the stadium, which is the last hundred meters or so of the run. This is my final sprint to the finish line, surely an awe-inspiring sight in the tradition of “Chariots of Fire” or something.

Maybe next year I can drop my time below 59:00…